• Shopping your favorite jewelry online – Pros and cons of it

    A jewelry shop is a design house that promotes art and culture. It provides enthusiasm for nature’s budding talents and inspires star designers. They differentiate themselves with their eclectic teams each with their distinctive styles be it edgy and bold, modern and sleek, vintage-inspired and flirty, feminine and romantic so that there is something for everyone in the pieces of jewelry they release. As Jewelry is often beheld as a symbol of love and commitment, buying gold and diamond jewelry is supposed to be a souvenir of how you feel about the person you are gifting to.

    The bigger question is, where do we find such jewelry? Where do master jewelers design luxury jewelry? The answer is, both online and in stores. Each process has its pros and cons, and depending on customers’ needs, either — or a medley of both — could empower an exceptional solution for your personal style or give as a gift to your special one.

    Pros of online jewelry shopping

    With the popularity of Online jewelry in Malaysia, stores are gaining adhesion with each passing day. This is because you can find a more comprehensive selection and broad collection of jewelry online than in an artificial jewelry shop. In addition, you can always find better deals than you would at a physical store.

    Global Accessibility And Are Open 24/7

    As long as you have a stable internet connection and a reliable shipping company to do business with, your jewelry shop is technically open to the global market 24/7 whether you are in a small rural town or a metro city.

    Connect To Multiple Online Marketplaces

    With the right eCommerce platform set up, every marketplace you are connected with from one single area can be managed. This can save a ton of time and money and can be reinvested somewhere more needed in your business like digital marketing.

    Online Shopping Contributes More Sales

    E-commerce will empower your jewelry retail business by making the products available to new potential customers from far regions you would have never imagined selling to before. The worldwide goal of the offline-to-online model is to connect both worlds and build a practical framework that would profit them simultaneously.

    Cons of online jewelry shopping

    Lack Of Touch-and-feel And Trying Items

    This notion must be one of the most popular on the list from a customer’s perspective. Retail jewelers also often think customers will never savor a jewelry piece the same way when visualized online. This is also mistaken. If such a statement was true, then buying jewelry on a daily basis by millions of customers in Online jewelry in Malaysia would have never happened.

    Unsure About Product Quality

    Customers are often skeptical about the quality of jewelry items being sold. Along with that, many of them have trust issues with the idea of entering their credit card details online to buy luxury goods, given the fact that some items in this category of products can be high priced.

    It depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to cherish a great shopping experience and don’t mind spending more money, then a physical jewelry store is best suited for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a wider selection and better deals, also looking to save money and have more control over your jewelry design, then Online jewelry in Malaysia is the way to go.

    Author’s bio: The author of this article has been crafting yellow gold, diamond, and other customized jewelry for many years successfully while working in a chain of jewelry retail shops for decades who have a team of dedicated and skillful experts ready to help you along your journey of going digital for your jewelry business. From catering supreme quality product imagery with the latest CAD technology to guiding you in each step of your e-shop creation, their services are a true one-stop-shop for all your digital needs.

  • Guide To Buy The Best Yellow Gold Necklace

    Before you buy a yellow gold necklace, there are several important factors to consider, including whether the necklace is solid gold, what carat it is, and what kind of links it is made of. Let’s discuss some of the most important features that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a gold necklace.

    • Know your style

    Chose the correct chain types that is suitable for you-  bead or ball chain/cable chain/ rope or snake chain / figaro/ anchor or mariner chain

    • Pick the length that suitable:

    The right necklace length will best showcase your jewellery, accentuate your best features, suit your body type, and frame your face. When worn correctly, jewellery can draw people to look at your best assets and focus away attention from the features you would rather not flaunt.

    • Know the material

    999/24k gold is usually soft and not suitable for daily wear. 916/22k gold are harder and perfect for daily wear option.

    • Is a gold chain solid, flaky or hollow?

    One of the most important questions you need to answer when looking at a gold necklace is whether it is solid gold or just gold plated. Plated gold necklace are inexpensive, but the plating will wear off after some time, exposing the metal underneath, and you’ll need to reattach the necklace if you want to restore its colour. If you’re going to be wearing your necklace often, solid gold is a better choice as far as durability is concerned.

    Some gold necklace chain rings are made hollow – you’ll notice that they feel much lighter than solid pieces of similar size. Hollow necklace chains are less expensive, but there is a potential problem with them: These chains are easy to break or dent, and if this happens, they are nearly impossible to repair.

    • How often can you wear a chain?

    If you are looking for a necklace for regular wear you should look for a sturdier and durable design, and you should probably stay away from hollow necklace chain designs as they are not as strong.

    • Will there be a pendant on the chain?

    If you are going to put any type of pendant or charm on your gold necklace, make sure it is strong enough to bear the extra weight, but not too thick or large so that the pendant will be more driven. Box chain and wheat chain are good choices for this because they are both strong and relatively flexible.

    Various Yellow Gold Necklace Designs

    916/22k yellow gold italian design heart shape necklace

    These beautiful heart shape necklace will at once capture your heart with its exquisite design, suitable for different colours of dresses and with its beauty it becomes suitable for all occasions. The glory of this necklace  will arouse a sense of pride and dignity; it is a whimsical stroke of excellent craftsmanship that helps to dazzle your personality.

    916/22k yellow gold italian design rose charm necklace

    This necklace is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add serious glamour to their formal outfit. This beautiful rose charm necklace shimmers with dazzling splendour are an ideal amalgamation of ethnic and contemporary design.

    Happy love 916/22k yellow gold necklace

    This exquisite gold necklace is crafted to complement all your ethnic outfits, while the intricate work of roses is beautiful and pulls the whole look together. It can be paired with traditional or Indo-western outfits.

    916/22k yellow gold tranz classic collection necklace

    This retro beauty is an absolutely stunning work of art. Symphony of oval and angular loops creates a gorgeous regalia that will take your breath away.

    Karya anggun 916/22k yellow gold alamanda necklace

    This classic piece of beautiful long necklace is perfect addition to your vanity. If you like to wear simple but trendy jewelleries, then this modern necklace are just for you. For a timeless look, pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail or classic bun.

    Why Poh Kong Eshop?

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  • Tips To Buy Jewellery Online In Malaysia

    Tips To Buy Jewellery Online In Malaysia
    online jewellery Malaysia

    In the past, if you told someone that one day, we will all be able to buy and click things with a simple point. With a quick push of a button, while you were still wearing your pyjamas, as well as your dinner, they will say that you are completely crazy! The way the Internet revolutionized everything and shopping for online shopping, is a favourite option nowadays.

    But when many people are familiar with buying cheap clothes from abroad, shopkeepers talk of buying fine jewellery through the Internet. However convenient, perhaps due to the unfamiliarity of the overall business, buying jewellery is not the same to buy goods. Therefore, especially any concern about safety, quality and price for money is related to purchasing online jewellery Malaysia. We reveal the five essential things you need to keep in mind because you shop for online jewellery.

    1. Check for purity

    When you buy gold jewellery, you should always check its purity. The easiest way to investigate for purity is to detect hallmarking. A hallmark piece of jewellery tells you the official ratio of the metal. How do you read hallmarks? Any jewellery that has a hallmark will come with a number associated with the BIS stamp. It also has a jeweller’s identity mark and the year of hallmark. To understand the carat, look at the letter ‘K’ that stands for Karat and reflects the percentage of purity.

    • Website Brand Reputation

    Well Development websites present their products in a professional manner; an ornament website should give a clear idea to its visitor that the website is mainly retailing. A fake website often leaves details because they are making “shells” of an online store with very little links or dead. When you are probably more excited about choosing your favourite gemstone colour, but it is worth checking whether the site is using SSL certificate.

    • Buy Fake Instead Of Real Gems

    Typically, when purchasing real gems, someone needs to make smart shopping and shop with a reliable jeweller, which will charge a fair price for authentic items. However, the risk of paying the wrong price for a gem and when you are buying a fake diamond, the risk ends. A huge plus point of buying fake diamonds is strength. A piece of simulant diamond jewellery will have only a fraction of the budget that is usually set on one side for a mining diamond.

    • Be Alert About Prices

    Sometimes one of the online problems is that people will see heavy discounts at the original price, and then proceed to buy without any comparison. Some brands are notorious with marked prices and then show a large slash or markdown. So do a comparative analysis by searching the prices of similar pieces that are similar in the context of materials, carats, gems or a close counterpart.

    • Avoid Selling Other Jewellers

    Although you never want to sell the jewellery purchased for yourself or have received it as a gift, it is prudent to know its resale value. If you want to exchange a piece for a better design or sell it in an emergency, it can be useful. Local people have a buyback policy with most branded stores where they will give you 100% of the price of gold. And it is always better to go back to the store from where you bought jewellery. Here, you have to let the fees related to it go and go.

    The writer works at the best online jewellery shop in Malaysia that provides fine jewellery of top-notch quality and international standards created with superior quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

  • Things to keep in mind while buying Diamond jewellery

    diamond pendant

    A diamond pendant Malaysia or diamond bangle is similar to a standard diamond tennis bracelet, the difference being that a bangle is structured. A lot of bangles nowadays come with a hinge for an easy “on-off” feel as well as a closer fit around the wrist. Traditional styles are always a good place to start with your little one. If you want to be a little more trendy, you can get designs that look more expensive than they actually cost. If you’re shooting some big bling, mix up large and small melee sizes for a great style without putting too much strain on your wallet.

    Tips for buying diamond bangles

    1. Fit

    First and foremost you should make sure that you have chosen the right size bangle. Although bangles offer “one-size-fits-all”, they should still be the perfect fit for you. The purpose of the bangles is to hang from your wrist in a flirtatious fashion. Whether you’ve worn multiple bangles that stick together when you move your wrist, or have chosen a solid bangle that slides up and down your arm, its sensual appeal still remains. To get the right fit, make sure the bangle is not too big, as it can slip out of your hand.

    • Bangle Dimensions

    To know what dimensions the ideal bangle should be, you should measure the inside of the bangle. Whatever the width of the bangle, if the inside diameter is the same, it should fit.

    • Measuring Your Hand

    To find out what your bangle size is, you’ll want to measure your wrist and your hand. This is done by taking a cloth tape measure and wrapping your wrist with it. The latter can be accomplished by measuring your fingers, with your thumb bent down. This is the scale of your hand. The two measurements combined will tell you what bangle size you are.

    • Incorporating Your Bangles

    Once you know your size and how to make your bangle fit on your wrist, you need to decide how to incorporate your new diamond bangle into your wardrobe. The thing is, since bangles are so neutral, fitting them is a no brainer. You can casually pair a diamond bangle with work clothes. When you go out in the sun, you can take your diamond bangle with you wearing a light sundress. Finally, your bangle will look right at home when matched with a little black dress, evening gown, or flirty short skirt.

    • Diamond Quality

    Follow the rules below to make a worthwhile purchase. If you are planning to get a sleek pattern of diamond bangle then opt for premium quality stones. This will help keep your budget low. But if you want better shine and luster, invest in h/c quality diamonds. They are better than premium diamonds and are a great value for money. G/Vs quality is better than H/Si quality and looks more white. If you are planning to have diamond bangles above 2 carat, then H/C quality would be a perfect choice. But if the size of the diamond is not large, then you do not need to choose a high quality stone.

  • Things You need to know about Yellow Gold Ring

    yellow gold ring

    Gold is one of the oldest metals that humans have found and its use in jewellery goes back to the earliest civilizations. Gold lends itself as a commemorative medium to various engagements like golden anniversaries, golden jubilee, gold medals, gold credit card etc. People around the world buy gold anytime and not only during special occasions like weddings, festivals or special events.

    Because of its royal appearance and elegance, gold remains one of the most common elements in jewellery making. Yellow Gold is the classic jewellery metal in its yellow shape, owing to its strength, durability, and elegance.

    Rings are a pretty classy piece of jewellery that no one can resist. While there are a lot of ring designs out there, wearing the right one can take your subtle look to a gorgeous one. Be it classic or traditional, or even combinations of everything, you can never run out of beautiful yellow gold ring.

    Significance of yellow gold ring

    Yellow gold ring is highly valued for its everlasting elegance and is a worthwhile investment. Yellow gold has a typical metallic yellow hue when mined and extracted naturally.

    The gold must also be blended and combined with other metals to make it stronger and durable.

    White gold is mixed with white metals like nickel, while yellow gold is mixed with yellow metals like copper. White gold has a lustrous white look and yellow gold has a luminous yellow tone. Some prefer the yellow gold’s soft golden tone while others like white gold’s durability. The colour of gold you choose should be based on your personal preference.

    Yellow Gold Ring Buying Tips

    1. Setting the size

    If you’re buying a ring for yourself, make sure you choose a ring that’s just right—not too loose, not too tight. If you are planning to gift a gold ring to someone, you might not have the right ring size for them. Your safest bet would be to borrow a hoop from them to use as a reference. If this is not possible, you can compare your own ring with theirs or ask someone close to them to measure their ring size and give you an idea.

    • Choosing a design

    Choose a design that combines comfort and style. This is the formula for fashion forever! Another consideration is the occasion for which you are buying it. For daily wear, a ring with sharp edges or raised design elements can hinder movement. A ring that is too intricate or even playfully flashy can violate a strict dress code. Once you have an idea of what you need, choose from these designs.

    • Think about the ring setting

    If your gold ring has a gemstone set, make sure you know what the setting is made of. This is especially important for prong settings, where the stones are held in place by small posts. If these fangs are made of yellow gold, the softness of the metal causes them to wear out quickly, and if one or more of the sharp fangs are bent or broken, you could lose your gem. It’s much better if the prongs in your ring setting are made of a more durable metal like platinum (if you can afford it).

    • Purity

    There are mainly two ways to measure the purity of yellow gold ring– Karat and fineness. Karat is commonly used to measure the purity of gold. According to the World Gold Council, even a pure gold may have minimal impurities that a manufacturer cannot remove. These impurities are usually mixed. Fineness is measured in purity in parts per thousand. According to the World Gold Council website, 24KT should be 1.0, i.e., 24/24, but there are likely to be slight impurities in gold, so it can only be refined to a fineness level of 999.9 parts of thousand.

    Why Poh Kong Eshop?

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    999 yellow gold chain

    About Gold Chain

    Gold is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Au, and atomic number 79. This makes it one of the higher atomic number elements that occur naturally. It is bright, slightly orange yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal in pure form. Chemically, gold is a transition metal. It is one of the least chemically reactive elements and is solid under standard condition. Gold often occurs in free elements form, as nuggets or gains in rocks veins and alluvial deposits. It occurs in solid solution series with the native elements silver, naturally alloyed with other metals like copper and palladium, and mineral inclusion such as within pyrite. Less commonly it occurs minerals as gold compounds often with tellurium.

    The earliest recorded metal by humans were gold, and it is being used from earlier days. Use of gold is in practice since human got evolved and many major works were done through gold, like gold coins were made for the transactions, gold chains and rings and many other beautiful things were made then and now too. Women love to wear gold jewelries and gold too has a good market price so it also helps in other financial ways.


    Be it a festival or birthdays and any other occasion, everything has role of gold in some way or the other. 999 yellow gold chain are worn by women to flaunt their pennants or only their gold with casual outfits. Men also wear them as jewelry and purchase gold chains during an auspicious occasion or social gatherings.

    However, there are certain things that one needs to check before buying a gold chain. There are various important factors to consider before you purchase a gold chain necklace, from any store. These factors include things like whether the chain is solid gold, what karat it is made up of and many others. Let’s take quick look at the most important characteristics one should pay attention to while buying a gold chain from anywhere.

    Check the Gold Chain Type:-                                                                               

    Gold chains are made in three types- solid gold, gold plated or hollow.

    Solid gold chains are made entirely of gold without any plating or hollow pieces. The smaller pieces which are joined to make the whole chain are made of solid gold and feel heavy. These chains are more expensive and typically don’t cause any skin problem when worn daily.

    Plated gold chains are cheaper then solid gold ones, but the plating wears off after some time, explosive the metal underneath. This often causes skin allergies to some people also makes the chain look dull. If you need to make it shine like new again, you will need to have the chain re-plated to restore its color.  So, if you are going to wear your gold chain regularly, solid gold is better choice because of its durability.

    Choose the Gold Chain Karat:-

    The most important question to ask any jeweler before deciding on anything else is the gold chain purity or gold karat. When determining this, keep in mind that that purer the gold the softer and less durable it will be.

    Also, you should skip the 10k or 40k ones, which are more rigid but less pure since they contain a higher percentage of other alloy.

    Pick the Chain Link Type:-

    Choosing the type of link for your gold chain is crucial as it will determine how easily it will bend and how likely it will be to break. For instance, flat chains like the omega chain and the herringbone chain are more prone to twisting.

    Inspect the Chain type:-

    The clasp is the backbone of any gold chain. Some chains come without a clasp and are long enough to wear through the head. But for those which come with a clasp, they are sometimes too delicate. You would need a clasp that closes well and does not open or breaks easily.

    Check the Chain smoothness:-

    An often-overlooked characteristic of gold chains is their surface and smoothness. While buying a gold chain for regular use, you need to make sure it is smooth.

    Some might think is it not a big deal, but if the chain surface is rough and you wear it for a long time, it can make rashes to your skin.

    Choose the Chain Length:-

    The length of chain that you pick will highlight different parts of your neck. For instance, a 16 inch chain will be closer to your neckline and will lie above the collarbone. This will look good and bright.